Weekday Education

    "At our school, we believe every child is special and every child is unique."

    Admission Requirements:

    Children must be at least 2 1/2 years, and no more than 4 years, by September 30th.

    Class Schedules:

    2 1/2 year class: Monday & Wednesday, 9:00am-Noon
    3 year class: Monday & Tuesday, 9:00am-Noon OR Tuesday & Thursday, 9:00am-Noon
    4 year class: Monday thru Thursday, 9:00am-Noon


    2 1/2 year old class

    Registration: $50
    Monthly Tuition: $95
    Our 2 1/2 year old class has a free selection of activities, such as: art, homeliving, blocks, books, puzzles, etc.
    Other activities include: outdoor & indoor (learning centers) play, music time (instruments or activity records), free activity, group experience & snack time.

    3 year old class

    Registration (2 or 4 days): $50
    Monthly Tuition (2 days): $90
    Monthly Tuition (4 days): $130

    4 year old class

    Registration: $50
    Monthly Tuition: $130

    Our 3 & 4 year old class consists of free play with puzzles, blocks, toys, computer games, seat activities (numbers, letters, colors), music & storytime records, autoharp & tapes. We also have outdoor & indoor play that include painting or playdough.

    **We operate on the HCPS Calendar. When schools are closed due to inclement weather, we are also closed. If there is a 2 hour delay, we will open at 10:00am**