History of FBCC

In the late 1930s and early 1940s, road work began on the rerouting of U.S. Route 220. The new 220 highway was graded through a large tract of land between Bassett Forks and Martinsville. Long before the highway was completed, new construction began: new houses, industry, and a hospital.
     A short time later, the organization of this church took place. The name chosen was "Midway Baptist Church" because of its geographical location, being almost in the center of Henry County and "midway" between Bassett and Martinsville.
  Rev. M.B. Major presided over the organizational meeting that was held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Gusler. Dr. J.P. McCabe led the prayer of dedication for the 34 charter members, after which Rev. Scott Hutton preached the organizational sermon.
     The newly organized group immediately erected a temporary wooden shelter and held its first service there on October 12, 1941. Construction was begun almost immediately on a brick building and on January 4, 1942, the doors were opened for the first time. Services were being conducted at this time by Mr. R.L. (Bob) Haynes, a layman assisted by Rev. G.V. Whitener who spoke on alternate Sundays. On February 7, 1943, the church called its first full-time pastor, Rev. Kenneth Hayes. The church at this time had a membership of 72. During Rev. Hayes' five years at Midway Baptist, the membership grew from 72 to 215.
     The area was growing very fast in size and population and became known as "Collinsville." Rev. Gerald Goss began his ministry on February 6, 1949. During his service the two story educational building was built and also a building fund was started with the dream of a larger facility for worship services. Rev. Goss served for thirteen years. During the interim time that followed, the church voted to change the name of the church from "Midway Baptist Church" to "First Baptist Church Collinsville."
     On May 19, 1963, Rev. Jimmie D. Edwards became our third pastor. The new building that we knew as the Interim Sanctuary was started immediately and was completed in February 1964. The membership grew rapidly and the dream of yet another building began to emerge: this time, a permanent sanctuary. Another building fund was started. The church continued to grow. Rev. Edwards' service ended on June 28, 1965.
     On February 27, 1966, Dr. Calvin Rains began his ministry as pastor. The church continued to grow and the Sunday School became overly crowded. It became necessary to table the plans for a new sanctuary and build an educational building. The four-story structure was built and the problem of Sunday School space was solved. Dr. Rains served this church for a period of eleven years.
     On Sunday, June 18, 1978, Rev. James L. Morris began his ministry at First Collinsville. The church was still in a period of growth and the church enrollment increased during this time. Rev. Morris service ended on August 31, 1981.
   In May 1983, Dr. James Chandler assumed his duties as our pastor. The "Together We Build" program was begun in preparation for a permanent sanctuary. Our goal was to raise half of the cost before starting construction. Dr. Chandler had been our pastor for seven years when the ground was finally broken and construction was begun on our new sanctuary. Dr. Chandler's service with us concluded on October 28, 1990. Our new sanctuary was dedicated on December 9, 1990.
     Rev. Samuel Murphy assumed his duties as our pastor on January 26, 1992. While Rev. Murphy was pastor, many new programs were added, and also the church purchased the adjoining property from the Collinsville YMCA and built a new picnic shelter. The congregation accepted Rev. Murphy's resignation effective December 28, 1997.
     On Sunday, July 18, 1999, Dr. Rob Edwards assumed his duties as our pastor. The dream of an elevator came true in the spring of 2000, and in 2001 the area near the picnic shelter and playground was paved to provide additional parking. Dr. Edwards' service ended in May 2004.
     In September 2004, Rev. Carlton McDaniel was called as our Intentional Interim Pastor and concluded his service with us on December 31, 2006. Dr. J. Leroy Clack served as Interim Pastor during 2007. By a vote of 271-3, Rev. Larry Cheek was called to be our next pastor, beginning December 31, 2007.